TFS Players Present "Give My Regards to Broadway"

The Tallulah Falls School drama team, the TFS Players, recently presented two rousing performances of the George M. Cohan musical "Give My Regards to Broadway." The shows were Friday and Saturday, March 22 and 23 in the school’s Gertrude Long Harris Theater. The TFS Players are directed by Georgann Lanich, an English teacher at the TFS middle school. Lanich’s assistant director is fellow TFS faculty member David Guyott. "Give My Regards to Broadway" is based on the book written by Schubert Fendrich with music and lyrics by legendary entertainer, playwright, composer, actor, dancer and lyricist George M. Cohan.

"Give My Regards to Broadway" is the TFS Players’ first musical production, and by all accounts Lanich’s team absolutely wowed the audience. Lanich’s players entertained the crowd with well known musical numbers such as "The Yankee Doodle Boy," "It’s a Grand Old Flag," "So Long Mary," and the finale "Give My Regards to Broadway." Cast members included John Townsend, Joseph Lancaster, Madisen Gowan, Emma Fordham, Tori Sesam, McCall Aycock, Amy Betz, Isabelle Almoyan, Vanessa Lewis, Jayson Newson, Ryan Hughes, Quilan Jacobs, Emily Nguyen, and Delaney Waters.

Lanich shared a few of her thoughts regarding the production of such a classic musical. She began, "‘Give My Regards to Broadway’ was chosen for several reasons. The cast size was perfect, the songs are real crowd pleasers and the length of the show suited our first venture into musical theater. I knew we had the talent to suit the script and voice requirements. Our kids took all of those things and added their own pizazz to make the show a real delight to watch." Lanich continued, "It was a pleasure to watch the students grow and test themselves as we prepared this show. Several of the students were on stage for the second time this year and we had a few newcomers. They really became cohesive both on stage and off in a way that made their performances stellar."

When asked about the differences between producing a standard drama and a musical Lanich explained, "A musical is cast, not only on acting talent, but how well a voice suits the music for that part. Students must learn their speaking parts, their songs, their characters, choreography and bring all of that expressively to the performance. It is greater challenge than a play in amount of dedication and critical thinking that a student puts forth."

Lanich concluded, "There could not be a more delightful and fun group of young people to work with than these talented TFS students. We are blessed to have them here and I look very forward to the next show!"


Joseph Lancaster as Eddie Cowles and Emma Fordham as Betty


John Townsend as Dick Foster; Joseph Lancaster as Eddie


Emma Fordham and Joseph Lancaster

Emma Fordham and Joseph Lancaster


Isabelle Almoyan and John Townsend



Townsend and Lancaster


Vanessa Lewis as Mary Collins




John Townsend as Dick Foster and Isabelle Almoyan as Mona Monroe


John Townsend, Joseph Lancaster and Jayson Newson


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