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New York art gallery features TFS alum



A young artist whose paint brushes dipped into talent at Tallulah Falls School is generating attention on the New York art scene.

The solo show, ‘Baby Teeth,’ features the work of Kaitlyn Crosby, TFS class of 2017. The exhibit opened June 6 and runs through June 16 at Ghost Gallery in Brooklyn.

The gallery’s website states Crosby “creates vibrant, large-scale paintings that feature abstracted femmes, seemingly in motion, heavily outlined and filled with color. Each composition offers a similar profile view of the face, leaving a long nose, pouting lips, and a single eye in view of the audience.”

Upper school art teacher Tina Cheek was thrilled to learn about Crosby’s early career success.

“Kaitlyn was always fun to teach as I never knew what she might be inspired to do from one day to another. She has such creative energy!” Cheek said. “I’m very proud to see that she is still sharing art from her soul and having fun with it. Showing in a New York gallery is quite the accomplishment.”

President and Head of School Larry A. Peevy said he was proud of Crosby and knows her parents Joe and Kristina Crosby must be as well.

“It’s always great to hear about one of our graduates becoming a ‘rising star,’” Peevy said.

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