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Affirming the positive



A scavenger hunt for new Tallulah Falls School fifth-grade students added a positive spin to the first week of school. 

Middle school counselor Elizabeth Kyle is part of a schoolwide initiative created by fifth-grade teachers Chrissy Van Hooser (math), Tamara Griffis (science), and Rachel Nichols (humanities). Students in the class of 2029 will follow various clues to locate and learn about faculty and staff throughout the building. 

When students, working in small groups, locate the counseling office, they will select a custom-made 3-inch button with a positive affirmation such as: 

“I am thankful for today,” “Today I will spread positivity,” “I am making the right choices,” and “I strive to do my best every day.”

Other stops on the scavenger hunt include the front desk, Nurse Lisa Wilcox’s office, the media center, and Middle School Director Carol Madden’s office. Teams of students who successfully locate key personnel will receive a treat, token, or lesson of some kind.

“At Tallulah Falls School, we want to build connections with all our students so that they feel seen and heard,” Kyle said. “That starts with getting to know each other. A huge part of our school culture is predicated on the Tallulah 12; T6 states: ‘Learn everyone’s name in the school and greet them.’ The scavenger hunt is a fun and effective way for students to develop positive relationships with other caring adults in the middle school.” 


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