Board of Trustees


The 2016-18 Tallulah Falls School Board of Trustees

Back row, from left: 
Amy Atkinson, Chair, Rev. James Turpen, Suzanne Ratliff, Elizabeth Wells, Donald Wells, Jim Weidner, Judy Forbes, Ed.D., Judy Taylor, Ph.D., Greg Brown, Mark Rasmussen and Larry A. Peevy, TFS President

Front row, from left:

Carolyn Friedlander, Ellen Alderman, Gewene Womack, Lucy Willard, Alice "Cookie" Noel, Gail Cantrell, Peggy Pruett, Dale Reddick and Karen Thomson, Ph.D.

Not Pictured:

Sandy Ahearn, Doris Alexander, Elizabeth Chadwick, Ida Dorvee, Donna Foland and Terry Rogers

Board Members, Click HERE

Amy Atkinson, Chair

Gail Cantrell, Vice-Chair/Chair Elect

James C. Weidner, Secretary

Donald Wells, Treasurer

Elizabeth Chadwick, Member at Large

Rev. James Turpen, Member at Large

Ellen Alderman, Past Chair

Greg Brown

Donna Foland

Judy Forbes, Ed.D.

Alice "Cookie" Noel

Peggy Pruett

Suzanne Ratliff

Dale Reddick

Terry Rogers

Judy Taylor, Ph.D.

Karen Thomson, Ph.D.

Elizabeth Wells

Honorary Trustees

Doris Alexander

​Carolyn Friedlander

Lucy Willard

Gewene Womack

Ex-Officio Trustees

Larry A. Peevy, President, TFS

Mark Rasmussen, Vice President, TFS

Ida Dorvee, President, GFWC-Georgia

Sandy Ahearn, GFWC-Georgia Junior Club Director