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Affording Tallulah Falls School

Each year, Tallulah Falls School awards more than $4 million dollars in need-based financial aid to 70 percent of our student body.

Investing in the future

The most recent graduating class earned more than $9 million in college scholarships.


Preparing each student to thrive in life by elevating character and intellect in a challenging and diverse college-preparatory environment.

Focusing on academics

The quality of the college-preparatory program and the academic success of students are priorities that form the foundation for the school.

Building GREAT character

Each student-athlete experiences the “Team First” concept which positively impacts life skills, relationships and performance.

Preparing leaders

Students develop a respect for self, others and community.

Sparking creativity

Music, art and theater programs enhance the school community.

Meeting student aspirations

With a 100% college acceptance rate, students at Tallulah Falls School reach educational goals for a successful future.


Online learning resources

Dear TFS Family,

We are looking at this online school period as a learning and growing opportunity for our students and faculty. It is becoming common practice for colleges and universities to use digital learning technology. Tallulah Falls School students will benefit from developing this additional skill. 

Students and faculty will use the Google Classroom and Google Meet platforms. These tools will allow students to continue their classwork, albeit from a distance. Students will follow a modified daily schedule, which is attached to the email. We are using an A/B schedule – this will allow optimal time for teachers to be available for questions, through email and Google Meet (face-to-face video chat) format. A majority of the classes will be recorded and the links to them will be posted in the teacher’s Google Classroom. 

Please read the following information carefully as it contains important information:

  • Online learning classes will begin on Wednesday, March 18 with an “A” day.
  • Teachers will be sending a Google Meet Video to their students over the next two days; students should respond with an email to verify that the video was received.
  • Middle School Mentor groups will continue and have a designated time on the schedule.
  • Teachers will be available for specific questions and extra help during their scheduled class times and during their Office Hours/Tutorial times.
  • Online learning classes will continue through Friday, April 3, with a return to regular on-campus classes following Spring Break on Tuesday, April 14. Any changes to this schedule will be communicated via email and on our school website. 

We understand flexibility will be a key component to the success of the digital learning platform. Teachers will adjust their lesson plans for the next three weeks to ensure that priority is given to essential materials. Feel free to contact teachers with any specific questions you have about their classes. Please communicate any issues you are having with technology or lack of access (internet) to Mrs. Popham in the Upper School and Mrs. Madden in the Middle School –  they will work with our IT Department to develop solutions. 

We appreciate your patience as we travel down this new path.


David W. Chester
Middle School Dean


Middle school Schedule


Upper School Schedule