Helpful Hints for Making Good Use of a Campus Visit

Questions to ask the campus guide

  1. What is the early action deadline for applications?

  2. Are internal scholarships available? Are students automatically considered for internal scholarships when an application is submitted? Are separate scholarship applications?

  3. What is the average class size?

  4. Who teaches courses? (Professors or graduate assistants?)

  5. Is the college library well utilized by students? Are resources available when needed? Are electronic resources available?

  6. When do students declare majors? What are the most popular majors?

Suggestions for campus visits

  1. Spend the night in the dorm and ask to visit several classes.

  2. Pick up a copy of the latest campus newspaper.

  3. Read the course catalog and review the list of faculty, their degrees and the courses taught.

  4. Schedule an appointment with a coach.

  5. Visit the financial aid office.

  6. Find out about the quality of the career services office.

  7. Inquire about learning centers, writing labs and math labs. Are they available for tutorials?

  8. Ask about housing. Are some dorms better than others? Do many students live off campus? If so, why?

  9. Inquire about study abroad programs. What percentage of students study abroad?

  10. Talk to everyone on campus about his or her experiences at the college.

    1. Are professors readily available? Do they hold regular office hours?

    2. What percentage of students are involved in Greek life? Athletics?

    3. What activities are available on weekends?

    4. Is student government active? Which activities/clubs are popular?

    5. How are the arts supported? Are the courses overcrowded?

    6. What is the greatest shortcoming of this college? Greatest attribute?

    7. Where do students call home? Is this a diverse community?

    8. Why do students choose this school?