High School Guide to College


  • Get to know the guidance counselor.

  • Choose an academically challenging schedule.

  • Join clubs.

  • Get involved in school activities.

  • Build a solid academic foundation.

  • Explore career ideas.

  • Take the PSAT 9.


  • Choose an academically challenging schedule.

  • Talk with the guidance counselor and family about financing college.

  • Seek out school and community service opportunities.

  • Review academic goals and interests.

  • Research career and college options.

  • Take the PSAT 10.


  • Take the PSAT 11; it is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

  • Choose an academically challenging schedule, take honors and dual-enrollment courses.

  • Seek out scholarships using Naviance and searching online.

  • Attend financial aid seminars.

  • Take the SAT and ACT in December and at least once more in the spring; mandatory requirement.

  • Continue to research colleges. Use Naviance, online tools and college fairs/visits.


  • Meet with the college counselor at the beginning of the school year and thereafter as needed.

  • Take the SAT October and the ACT in September; mandatory requirement (additional tests are encouraged).

  • Use Naviance to apply to colleges. Request teacher recommendations.

  • DO NOT wait until the last minute for any reason.

  • Visit colleges. Seniors have three excused college visits.

  • Complete two college applications by the end of September and all college applications by December.

  • File the FAFSA October 1 (apply for a personal identification number prior to 10/1).

  • Submit deposit to the college of choice by May 1.