Standardized Tests and Timetables


In today’s competitive college applications process, there are two important components which admissions offices take into consideration. A student’s grade point average (GPA) and standardized test scores are the most important factors in the decision to admit or deny a student. The quality of the high school curriculum and, specifically, the degree of rigor associated with the student’s course selection is significant in determining acceptance. An “A” average in a non-challenging curriculum will not automatically guarantee the student’s admission to top-tier schools. A transcript displaying a mix of honors and dual enrollment courses with an occasional “B” may offer a higher likelihood of acceptance.

The Importance of Standardized Tests Scores

Most four-year and many two-year colleges place a significant emphasis on standardized test scores among crucial factors in the admissions process. Most colleges use the best scores reported from each testing category, otherwise known as the superscore.

Tallulah Falls School offers a mandatory SAT/ACT preparatory class to all juniors in advance of the mandatory SAT/ACT test taken during the junior year. Students are encouraged to take the SAT and/or ACT multiple times to maximize their potential for the highest superscore.

Parents and students are encouraged to view the following websites for the latest testing schedules: