TFS Athletic Legends

Tallulah Falls School to honor Athletic Legends

Tallulah Falls School is launching a new recognition program to honor athletic achievement. Athletes, coaches and contributors are eligible for nomination. A selection committee will vote via secret ballot after the initial nominating period. To support the philosophy and need of the school to encourage student-athletes to participate in multiple sports, the voting requirement for single-sport athletes will be 80% for induction and 70% for multi-sport athletes. A multi-sport participant is defined as a senior earning a varsity letter in at least two sports. 

The deadline for nominations for this inaugural year is Sept. 15, 2018. 

Athlete nomination criteria

  • Nominee waiting period of at least five years from their high school graduation date.
  • Nominee will have demonstrated good citizenship in high school or will have a demonstrated significant and positive contributions to society since graduation or both.
  • Nominee will exhibit excellence in personal and/or professional life after TFS graduation.
  • Nominee must have made immense contributions to one sport to be considered for selection; however, excellence in multiple sports is preferred.

Coach and contributor nomination criteria

  • Nominee no longer associated with or employed by TFS athletics.
  • Nominee must have made a significant contribution to TFS athletics.
  • Nominee must be an exemplary role model of GREAT character and exhibit personal and professional excellence.

Athlete leader nomination criteria

Same as athlete criteria except that significant, superior leadership is taken into consideration in place of performance.

All inductees will be notified by the athletic department of selection as a TFS Athletic Legend before a public announcement is made. Names of nominees will not be announced to the public.

For more information or to nominate, email TFS Athletic Director Scott Neal at