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Indians of the Week named for week ending August 15


The Indians of the Week are chosen by coaches, and recognize student-athletes that play sports that are currently in season. This week's Indians of the Week (for the week of August 9-15) include Katy Corbett and Colton Augustine for high school, and Ryleigh Wilson and TJ Cox for middle school.

Katy Corbett - Volleyball

High School Girl

Katy Corbett led the way for her term this opening week of volleyball matches. She led the way with the most kills for the week. Katy also led her team with the best passing week of her career. Most importantly she led her team with energy and an all-around GREAT attitude pushing and encouraging her teammates. -coach Matt Heyl

Colton Augustine - Cross Country

High School Boy

Junior harrier Colton Augustine has worked diligently throughout the summer, running, conditioning in the weight room, and being a source of motivation. He needs no fanfare; instead, he simply brings his lunch pail mentality, focuses on the task at hand, and gets to work. Loyal to teammates while being a significant behind-the-scenes encourager, Colton creates and fills a role on the team that is critical. -coach Scott Neal

Ryleigh Wilson - Volleyball

Middle School Girl

Ryleigh Wilson is new to our volleyball program this year at TFS. Over the past couple of weeks, Ryleigh has worked hard and taken every piece of advice Coach Satterfield and I have given her. She has advanced in a short amount of time and I cannot wait to see how far she will go this season. -coach Whittney LaHayne

TJ Cox - Tennis

Middle School Boy

TJ Cox is always ready to practice, ready to play, and then is wanting to know if there is something to do as far as helping clean up before leaving practice. TJ is our #2 man on the singles tennis team and striving each day to win the #1 spot. I see good things in the future for this young man. -coach Lisa Wilcox


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