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Madison Ball

Madison Ball

  • Upper School
  • 9th Grade

From the moment I walked through the front doors of Tallulah Falls School in the fifth grade ready to tour, I instantly felt there was something different and unique about this place nestled in the heart of the mountains.

I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

One thing that is quickly evident is the commitment of the faculty to the students. I’ve always felt the support of my teachers and coaches and their personal desire for my success. They are also concerned about my development as a person and not simply a student. Every extra-curricular activity is used to help us as students and people to grow. The virtues of honesty, generosity, hard work, and leadership are all celebrated and honored by the Tallulah Falls faculty.  

The academic rigor at Tallulah Falls has been very challenging. I have learned new and challenging concepts, been challenged to think about issues critically, and how to better manage my time to meet deadlines. I have also learned the value of responsibility and accountability while working on projects.  I know all of these skills will benefit me in college and for life.

One of my favorite things about Tallulah Falls is the diversity of the student body. While the school campus is located in rural Northeast Georgia, the international presence has taught me so much about people, cultures, and all the similarities and differences we share. I have conversations with my friends who come from different cultures, history and religious backgrounds than me. My ideas and opinions have been challenged. Whether I agree or disagree, hearing from people from all over the world has had a big impact on me and on my life.

I am who I am today and more grounded in my own identity because of my time at TFS