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TFS Grand Day attendance soars



Record-breaking attendance marked a favorite tradition for the Tallulah Falls School middle school community during Grand Day held Nov. 17. With more than 400 participating, grandparents or grand pals joined middle school students for a special assembly before dismissing for classroom activities.

Many of the visitors were on campus for a return visit, but some of the growth reflects the middle school’s record enrollment for the 2017-18 academic year.

Exposure to the school’s educational technology delivered lessons in fresh ways – guests traveled to several destinations via Virtual Reality headsets, explored the ZSpace lab and played games via a web-based platform. Visitors could also view student artwork on display throughout the school building. The school chorus performed and President and Head of School Larry A. Peevy gave a special recognition to veterans in the audience.

“This is definitely a highlight for our school community,” Peevy said. “We truly enjoy welcoming these family members and special friends to campus to sample the Tallulah Falls School experience.”

As part of the program, Judy Forbes, grandparent to three TFS students, talked about the importance of giving, inviting other guests to join her in supporting scholarships for students.

“It was a great day for grandparents and for our students!,” Forbes said. “All of us want what is best for our grandchildren, and it was affirming to look out and see so many there to support the students and the school.  Each year the group increases in size, and the school responds by giving grandparents an opportunity to get an up-close look at the activities in which our students engage every day.”

Academic Dean David Chester said Grand Day is an opportunity for the school to recognize and honor extended family members that have great impact and influence in the lives of students.

“We look forward to seeing the smiles on grandparents faces as they connect with their grandchildren over breakfast and tours of the building,” Chester said. “Storytelling has been a theme at the middle school this year; we made it a point to encourage students to engage in conversations with their grandparents to learn more about “their story.” Each grandparent or grand pal in attendance comes with a special story and we want each grandchild to be a part of it.”

Brooke Gragg/Tallulah Falls School-special
Shown, from left, are Tate Shaw, Ginny Allison and Brit Shaw.