About the School

Tallulah Falls School is an independent, co-educational international boarding and day school

Founded in 1909, Tallulah Falls School is an independent, co-educational international boarding and day school serving more than 500 students in grades 4-12. Academics are the primary mission at Tallulah Falls School. The quality of the academic program and the academic success of students are priorities that form the foundation of the school. A dedicated and highly qualified faculty, outstanding facilities, a broad and challenging curriculum, small classes, and eager, motivated students all contribute to the accomplishment of academic goals.

Tallulah Falls School is SAIS and Cognia Accredited

Tallulah Falls School is accredited by the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS) and Cognia.

Tallulah Fall School Affiliations

We are a member of the Georgia Independent School Association, Georgia High School Association, National Association of Independent Schools, National Association of Secondary School Principals, Secondary Schools Admissions Test Board, NAFSA, GAIE.


Tallulah Falls School is situated on a pristine, wooded campus built on the southern slopes of Cherokee Mountain in Northeast Georgia. Only 90 miles from metropolitan Atlanta, Tallulah Falls School's setting affords its students the best qualities of rural simplicity and urban sophistication. Students find themselves immersed in an atmosphere that not only fosters academic excellence but also encourages an appreciation for nature and the preservation of natural resources.

Tallulah Gorge State Park, with its interpretive education center, hiking trails and scenic vistas is a neighbor of the school in the town of Tallulah Falls. Hiking, camping, cycling, whitewater rafting, horseback riding and snow skiing offer students the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature, while weekend excursions to Atlanta to visit world-class museums or to attend plays or professional sports events provide students with a balanced perspective of their world.

Diverse Community

Tallulah Falls School - a place of culture and inclusion

At Tallulah Falls School, students representing different cultures merge to create a singular synergy that is evident in the classroom, the dorm, and throughout the campus. Students learn from and interact with fellow classmates from around the world. This unique aspect of school culture inspires a broader worldview for all students. 

TFS has a student body of 500-plus students with many countries and states represented. This leads to a deeper understanding of how other people live and attracts students from different parts of the world to come together in one special place. 

Global education is incorporated into everyday life including “International Day,” which gives students from each country represented on campus a moment to shine. Additionally, students experience overnight class trips to Coastal Georgia, Charleston, Florida’s Space Coast, and Chattanooga, Tennessee offering international students opportunities to learn more about the United States. These cultural experiences at Tallulah Falls School help students better understand the world they live in and better prepare them for future leadership.

A middle school student from Georgia is paired with a student from China for a science project. High school students from Spain are in the same club and on the same sports team as high school students from South Carolina. A student from the Bahamas has a chance to spend time with the family of basketball teammates. One school has the power to unite eager learners from all types of backgrounds. Every student at Tallulah Falls School is included and celebrated.

Diversity is welcomed here, and life in the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains at Tallulah Falls School is the perfect place to experience it.