The Tallulah Fund

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Our school community is thriving. The Tallulah Falls School experience is making a positive impact on 509 lives this academic year.

It’s the connectivity between teachers and students in a small classroom environment.          

It’s the character building woven into the top-quality college-preparatory curriculum.

It’s the team building evident on the athletic fields.

It’s the family atmosphere present in our dorms.

It’s all of these things plus a hearty dose of TFS school spirit influencing our students in countless ways.

Long known as the “Light in the Mountains,” Tallulah Falls School remains uniquely poised to guide students to the next level in their educational career. These days, it’s “Green and White – We are the Light” that echoes through the Student Activity Center during weekly assemblies at the middle school. It’s a modern twist of words that ties us to our past – to shine a light toward a bright future.

We need your help to illuminate the path.

Please consider making a contribution so that we can continue our commitment to 70 percent of our students who receive some portion of financial assistance – these are students who may not otherwise benefit from the TFS experience. Our students are treated equally here at TFS – those who receive financial aid and those who pay full tuition. Each student deserves all that we can give them to boost their chance of future success. With your help, we can continue to elevate our students from the local community and those that join us from every corner of the state, nation and the globe.

The gap between tuition and the full cost of each student’s education is substantial. Financial aid and gifts to the Tallulah Fund help to bridge this gap for TFS students and their families. Your gift is vital to the continuing success of our students and every dollar goes toward making it possible for a deserving student to attend TFS.