Mission & Vision

Athletic Mission Statement

The mission of TFS athletics is to develop GREAT character, competence, and competitiveness, to host GREAT events, and to create a Season of Significance.


GREAT character evidenced through behavior and performance (stamina, speed, strength, skill, and strategy) will determine our success!   

This vision is so much more than typical sportsmanship responses of shaking hands after games.  It is also NOT simply an external plan or program that we are forcing on the kids.  It is a way of life that we keenly structure for, be creative with, and intensely seek to inspire in those entrusted to our care.  We will raise the BAR: Our BELIEFS will compel ACTIONS that lead to positive RESULTS!  We will be Together and Fierce as we Sacrifice for the betterment of the school, program, and team It is the active promotion of planned and purposeful GREAT character development that will be our signature, our constant guide and assessment, our very core, our brand!

We believe:

Safety is a prerequisite for optimal development.
GREAT character is the foundation of all that we do.   Gratitude and Generosity, Respect, Responsibility, Role development, Enthusiasm Effort toward Excellence, Accountability, Ambition, Attitude, and Thinking and Trustworthy are guiding principles in which we will make all of our decisions.
Competence results from a disciplined work ethic and a focused state of mind to enhance skills, strategies, strength, speed, and stamina.  
Competitiveness is integral in society so we will compete to the very best of our abilities with a great attitude while setting team victory over individual goals.  

Our priorities: School > Athletic Program > Sport Program >Team > Individual

Being a “Light in the Mountains” means we are ambassadors.  Others will judge TFS based on our appearance, attitude, conduct, speech, and performance.  In all that we do, we seek to be GREAT!  Shine on!