Yearly Theme

2018-19 Tallulah Falls School Athletic Theme: Connections

Creating significant connections from a genuine, deep, active sense of GREAT unites a team, rallies a community, provides a positive competitive environment and enhances a student-athlete’s individual growth.

We want each team from middle school to high school to directly structure and plan for the practical, daily and lasting influence of “Connections” on team harmony, relationships, life skills, leadership, preparation, and performance.  

Everyone on every roster should develop a team role, measurable responsibilities, and assessable growth.  We want to connect with each other, with the skills and strategies that inspire excellent performance, with officials who professionally govern our contests, with our community by serving, and even with peer opponents in a respectful manner.  

The theme of "Connections" is meant to be a cue, an accountability, a rallying call, a process and a quest in all that we do this year as we continue to seek to Be GREAT!


We believe that Gratitude leads to Generosity of spirit, that giving and earning Respect while being Responsible leads to a positive Ripple effect, that we should strive toward Excellence with Enthusiastic Effort, that Ambition can inspire and Accountability can keep us on track, that Thinking beyond the surface while being Trustworthy will help us both in the arena of competition as well as the interactions of life.