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TFS siblings share details of summer abroad experience



By Nate Roys/TFS Intern

With 135 boarding students from 20 countries living on campus, cross-cultural relationships thrive and diversity is woven into the Tallulah Falls School experience. 

A sibling pair took this broadened worldview to heart as they embarked on an educational experience during the summer of 2019.

Kale and Katy Corbett of Lakemont spent 12 event-filled days abroad expanding their education. The TFS juniors chose educational experiences that align with their current ideas for a future career path. 

In late June, Kale traveled to St. Maarten and surrounding islands to study and experience marine biology. Katy selected medicine for her experience, which led her to the jungles of Costa Rica. 

The organization offering the immersive experiences is Broadreach; its underlying principles focus on hands-on experience. 

Not only did Kale and Katy have the opportunity to study their respective disciplines, but the program is also all about getting your hands dirty and working with a team of teens with common goals. 

Along the way, the two earned certifications or gained experience in CPR, first aid, scuba, dispensing pharmaceuticals, first responder care, clinical care, coral habitat preservation, administering medication and ocean conservation. 

While service was a large part of the equation, fun was had along the way. Broadreach employs counselors and instructors with expertise in a wide variety of backgrounds. 

Throughout the experience, Kale and Katy were fortunate to also participate in white water rafting, water skiing, tubing, cliff diving, rappelling, rock climbing, sailing and snorkeling, among other activities. Additionally, each group was self-sufficient regarding the day-to-day upkeep of equipment, quarters, food preparation and ship maintenance. 

To top it off, both students had the opportunity to experience the native people, habitat and culture with each destination. 

"The past summer, I traveled to Costa Rica. The purpose of my trip was to get an introduction to medicine, "Katy Corbett said. "I not only completed that task, but I learned a lot about the lives of the people of Costa Rica, as well as a lot about myself my future goals. It is difficult to travel to a new area, especially when you are alone, going with a group of people you have never met, and going to a place that speaks a different language. All of these different elements brought a new, interesting challenge and it was very thrilling to step out of my comfort zone. Overall, the trip was an amazing experience and something I will never forget. I can honestly not thank my parents and Broadreach enough for allowing me to go on such a life-changing experience!" 

"She exhibited excellent leadership skills, serving as both a voice of reason for the group when it got too high strung and also providing assistance to those in the group who were struggling," said instructor Anna Gross. 

Kale found his passion being at sea and hopes to expound on that in the future.

"This summer, I traveled to St. Maarten and sailed to many islands in the Carribean," Kale Corbett said. "During the trip, I learned to sail, had fun snorkeling and swimming with friends, learned more about marine biology and even got my scuba diving license. After spending twelve days at sea, I realized that this was a field that I want to pursue. If it weren't for my parents and the great people at Broadreach, I would have never been able to embark on such a great adventure!"

Kale's instructors had the following to say when asked to share their thoughts on his experience:  

"He was engaged in all activities and had fun with the group. He is kind, helpful, a leader and smart," said instructor Peter Everitt. 

Both experiences occurred in beautiful locations where the teens were able to take time to explore as well. In the spirit of cultivating diversity, lifelong friendships forged with other teens from every corner of the country and beyond enhanced the immersive experience. Also, valuable contacts were made with instructors in various fields of expertise for future reference and encouraged follow-up. 

According to the organization's website, "...Program destinations are not chosen solely because of how far or exotic they are, but on how far they can push our students into active, hands-on education. We look for global destinations that provide the right landscape for meaningful intellectual discovery, skill mastery, rich cultural experience and incomparable adventure." 

Regardless of future endeavors or careers, both students believe they came back better suited to make an informed career choice. They had irreplaceable experiences and made memories that will last a lifetime.

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Katy Corbett stands outside the clinic in a remote area of Costa Rica during her summer experience through the Broadreach organization. 

Kale Corbett takes in the view from beneath the ocean during his summer experience through the Broadreach organization. 


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