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Indians of the Month: January 2022


Tallulah Falls School has named its Indians of the Month winners for January 2022. The winners are Shelby Ann Brightwell and Devonte Allen for the high school, and LB Kafsky and Ethan Wheeler for the middle school. PAST INDIANS OF THE MONTH

Shelby Ann Brightwell - Cheerleading

HS Girl

Shelby Brightwell has worked extremely hard the month of January to teach all of the cheerleaders a dance before senior night, she helped organize a new cheer and was very encouraging during our stunting practices. -coach Kimberly Popham

Devonte Allen - Basketball

HS Boy

Devonte Allen has played outstandingly during this month of January in region play. Notably he has recorded 22 points in the win over LCA last Tuesday. Additionally, Allen recorded 10 rebounds, 2 steals, and 3 blocks during the region contest. -coach Cody Coleman

LB Kafsky - Basketball

MS Girl

Indian of the Month for the middle school girls basketball team is LB Kafsky. LB averaged 8 points in her last 3 games. She stepped up in a big way in the Nantahala game to lead the team to a win in overtime. Having to step into a leadership role as a 7th grader is hard, but she learned so much and definitely will be ready to lead as an 8th grader next year. She also learned to overcome issues that might hinder her, and played tough. When we needed someone to hit a layup or make a free throw, she stepped up with confidence. I can't wait to see what kind of player she will be next year! -coach Jennifer Cox

Ethan Wheeler - Basketball

MS Boy

Eighth-grader Ethan Wheeler is the middle school boys basketball nominee for Indian of the Month. Ethan has really stepped up as a leader on the boys basketball team. He has frequently led the team in points, rebounds, steals, and assists. Ethan exemplifies what it means to be a TFS Indian. He gives his best effort 100% of the time. He has lead by example from day one, but now he is becoming more vocal in leading, challenging, and encouraging his teammates. Ethan has a bright future in basketball at Tallulah Falls School. -coach Anthony Cox


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