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Tallulah Falls MS battles Rabun on the links


Tallulah Falls MS golf took on Rabun County on Thursday evening. 

While previously playing in a team scramble format, this match was individual stroke play, with each golfer playing their own ball out. With Rabun County having only one girl in their program, they played the matches as follows:


1.  Match 1:

    a.  Rabun County (Top 3 Scores) vs.  TFMS Girls (Top 3 Scores)  vs. TFMS Boys (Top 3 Scores)


TFMS Girls (+29)

             a.  Bella Hulsey +4 thru 8 Holes

             b.  Maeve Hatcher +8 thru 8 Holes

             c.  Handley James and Cathrine Harris +17 thru 7 Holes

             d.  Sadie Hensley +18 thru 7 Holes

             e   Emma Whistnant +20 thru 7 Holes

Tied For 2nd:

TFMS Boys +34

            a.  Owen Earp +7 thru 7 Holes

            b.  Keller Van Orman +12 thru 6 Holes

            c.  Maddox English +15 thrus 6 Holes

            d.  Josh Newell +17 thru 7 Holes

            e.  Micah Smith +17 thru 6 Holes


RCMS:  +34


2.  Match 2

      a.  Rabun County Top 3 Scores vs. TFMS (Top 3 Scores Combined)


Winner:  TFMS:  (+19) vs. RCMS (+34)


"Really proud of the kids in experiencing their first stroke play match," says coach Jadie Hatcher.

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