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TFS Seniors Embark on Their College Application Journey


The Tallulah Falls School College Counseling Department held the inaugural Apply To UNG For Free Day on Friday, September 15. University of North Georgia undergraduate admissions regional recruiter Maggie Rogers, Director of College Counseling Dr. Brandy Corbett, counseling team member Rainen Wade, and Learning Center Coordinator Haley Cantrell helped 25 TFS seniors complete the application process for UNG.

Students logged in to Georgia Futures and completed the UNG application. is a critically important website for students attending school in Georgia. It provides students with information on HOPE and Zell Miller, FAFSA, career exploration, and college planning. This tool is available to high school students and they can continue to use it throughout college to keep up with their eligibility for HOPE and Zell. 

UNG waived the $40 application fee and allowed students the opportunity to apply in September instead of November to give them early access to completing an application. As part of the process, students provided documentation to prove their lawful presence (a requirement), and they ordered their official transcript from Toccoa Falls College – TFS’ partner school, for dual enrollment, resulting in a complete application to UNG. 

The event helped students understand that each application may have specific requirements that they will need to complete. “We want students to feel confident that they have completed an application and gone through the process,” said Corbett. Corbett met with all seniors on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for Friday. She made sure they had all the necessary information and materials for the UNG application and as they continue to move forward with the admission process journey. 

The TFS Counseling team has helped all seniors create a Common Application account and link it to the Naviance account, which is the method that seniors use to communicate to Corbett and TFS Registrar Katie Keister where they are applying and if they have submitted their applications. 

Naviance is the leading college, career, and life readiness platform – a service TFS provides to students. Students communicate which universities they intend to apply to, their chosen deadlines, their submission status, and they request high school transcripts and letters of recommendation requests through this platform. 

TFS regularly communicates with senior parents about the college application process. They share information like when free applications are available. The hope is that the earlier students begin to prepare to apply to college, the less stressed they feel during their final year of high school.




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