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Required Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2021

For TFS Middle School families, 

All TFS Middle School students will choose one book to read over the summer according to their grade level. See the lists below for grade level book choices.

Sixth through 8th grade students should have received an email from the middle school regarding the assignment they need to complete in response to their reading. 

Contact the grade level teacher with any questions:

Note: Books can be ordered online or in many locations near the school, checked out from the local library. Blue Ridge Toys in Clayton and Barnes and Noble has all titles. They can be found online as well.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders need to read ONE of the following novels in preparation for the 2021-22 academic year.

  • Mañanaland, Pam Muñox Ryan
  • Remarkables, Margaret Peterson Haddix
  • Sky Song, Abi Elphinstone
  • We're Not From Here, Geoff Rodkey
  • Cape, Kate Hannigan
  • The Boy At The Back Of The Class, Onjali Q. Rauf
  • City Spies, James Ponti
  • Stella, McCall Hoyle
  • Seekers of the Wild Realm, Alexandra Ott
  • Very Rich, Polly Horvath

Sixth and Seventh Grade

All sixth- and seventh-grade students will be required to read at least one book over the summer. These ten books are the Junior Tome books for the 2021–22 school year.  For the required summer reading, students should choose ONE of the following.

  • Echo Mountain, Lauren Wolk
  • Ground Zero, Alan Gratz
  • The Kingdom of Back, Marie Lu
  • Nowhere Boy, Katherine Marsh
  • The Unteachables, Gordon Korman
  • Wink, Rob Harrell
  • 96 Miles, J.L. Esplin
  • Ali Cross, James Patterson
  • Amari and the Night Brothers, B.B. Alston
  • Clean Getaway, Nic Stone

Books can be ordered online. Barnes and Noble has them all, but other sites will as well.

Note: Those students who plan to participate in the Junior Tome Reading Bowl during the 2021–22 school year may wish to use their time over the summer to read more than one of these books. If so, I would recommend writing out a few potential reading bowl questions and answers so that you don’t forget the plot lines of the books. We can then use these questions for review before the online tests next year.

Eighth Grade

This summer, rising eighth-graders must build a habit of reading and finish at least one of the books listed below. Students, set a goal for yourself. How much time will you spend reading every day or every other day? Choose ONE of the following TOME books to read and complete the “As you read. . .” tasks:

  • Amari and the Night Brothers, B. B. Alston
  • The Kingdom of Back, Marie Lu
  • Ground Zero, Alan Gratz
  • 96 Miles, J. L. Esplin
  • Nowhere Boy, Marsh
  • The Unteachables, Korman
  • The Inquisitor’s Tale, Aly
  • The Silence Between Us, Gervais


As you read… tasks 

  • Fully understand the novel in preparation for discussion
  • In what ways did you connect with a character or the story?
  • Can you summarize the story in your own words?
  • Collect unfamiliar vocabulary words you come across this summer both in your book and in daily life
  • Write a description of a unique book project idea


Helpful links 

Q: How do I choose a book that I will like?

A: Read about each book using the following links: OR

Q: Can a family read the book together? 

A: Absolutely! Find tips for a family book club on, “How to Start a Family Book Club (Plus 11 Great Reads to Try)” by Staake.

Q: I want to participate in the Junior Tome Reading Bowl. 

A: Great! See Mrs. McClurg’s “Note” to sixth and seventh grade students (ABOVE) and follow her directions.