College Counseling Process

Meeting with the College Counselor

The mission of Tallulah Falls School is to Prepare each student to thrive in life by elevating character and intellect in a challenging and diverse college preparatory environment. It is our goal to provide the educational opportunity for each student to attend the college or university of their choice. Each TFS student is exposed to a culture rich in college tradition. Students have academic and extracurricular opportunities in place to help build a resume which affords them opportunities for college acceptance.

Each spring, the college counselor meets with the junior class to explain the college application process. At this meeting, students are asked to develop a list of characteristics they are seeking in a college and the names of particular colleges which might be of interest. This list will serve as a foundation for the college search, it will be updated, added to and changed throughout the process.

Tallulah Falls School provides access to Naviance for all students. Naviance is a college and career readiness program which provides important tools for students. Students will be asked as early as middle school to familiarize themselves Naviance. Students will have the opportunity to explore colleges through Naviance, take interest inventories to see where their strengths lie, investigate careers and build a resume for college. College applications and supporting materials are also submitted and tracked electronically through Naviance.

Campus visits are a meaningful aspect of the college search.  Students are encouraged to work with a college’s admission department to schedule a visit. Each college admissions representative visiting Tallulah Falls School campus will encourage college campus visitation for one reason, students who feel comfortable on the campus of a college or university are more apt to perform well academically.

At the beginning of the student’s senior year, the college counselor will meet with the entire senior class to review the college process. Students will continue to meet regularly with the college counselor.

In the fall of the senior year, each student develops a thoughtful and appropriate list of colleges, begins applications and essays and to continues preparation for standardized tests. Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the College Center resources located within the College Counseling Office. Both students and parents meet with the college counselor as necessary throughout the school year.

TFS students apply to at least two colleges by the end of September, as college admissions is a competitive process. College admissions representatives advise that the earlier the application, the better one’s chances of acceptance. Accepted seniors make final decisions and submit a deposit to the college of their choice by May 1.