The mission of Tallulah Falls School is to prepare each student to thrive in life by elevating character and intellect in a challenging and diverse college preparatory environment.

Our core values are intertwined throughout our philosophy:

Students are at the heart of everything that we do:
Every program that is offered at the Middle School has each student in mind. Through a challenging academic program, a diverse selection of exploratory offerings and a well rounded athletic program, we seek to meet the needs of all our students.
Every student has the potential for individual success:
We believe that every student in our Middle School has the potential to be great. Through a strong advisory program that promotes both organizational and life skills, a caring faculty that seeks to meet the needs of our students and tutorials that are geared to give students a little extra academic guidance in times of need, all students in the Middle School should have an opportunity to be well rounded, while at the same time discovering their own strengths and talents.

Education is a life-long pursuit:
We fully believe that education must be enjoyable. Through classes that utilize inquiry-based learning, experiments that bring lessons to life and week-long trips that allow students to actually live what they have been learning, we hope to create a desire in our students to thrive in an environment that continues to challenge them to take the next step in their educational careers.

Community nurtures a strong sense of belonging:
Over 100 years of developing future leaders have allowed us to create strong family ties with our students. Small classroom sizes and a family-style dining experience promote an atmosphere that nurtures positive relationships. The TFS family includes a diverse and international population that develops strong cultural appreciation amongst the student body.

Leadership and service lead to purposeful lives:
There are basic skill sets that every student should have as they progress through their school years. Leadership and service are two that we feel have extra merit. Through our curriculum, advisory program and other special events, many opportunities are presented for our students to develop these roles. We believe that the opportunity to serve others in the school and the local community is part of a better future.

Our students are growing up in an age unlike any that has ever existed. In order to be successful, today’s students must not only be great learners, but they must also become great finishers. Learning is only the first step in the educational process; the real challenge is using that knowledge to become a productive member of today’s global community. Tallulah Falls School’s Middle School program is dedicated to making learning directly applicable. Our goal is to provide a foundation for TFS students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers and effective communicators. We want students to use these skills to overcome obstacles. Developing these traits will strengthen the transition into Upper School

The TFS Middle School interdependently fulfills the vision of TFS with its own faculty, athletic teams and dining hall. Through this setting, we are able to continue a long tradition of family “community” that has been a trademark of the school for over a century. Our students build pride in being part of Tallulah Falls School and this spirit becomes the foundation of spirit in the Upper School. This is what makes TFS a great place to live, learn and grow.