Afterschool Care

Tallulah Falls School offers an afterschool program for our fourth and fifth graders, Monday through Friday from 3-4:30 PM. The goal of the afterschool program is to offer a safe and engaging space for our lower school students. Students check in and have a snack. Then, they can choose some quiet time to work on homework, read, play a board game, or if they want to be more physically active, they may choose supervised open playtime. After free time, we have daily explorations ranging from fine arts enrichment to STEM and other art projects. We also get moving on campus – hiking, utilizing the climbing wall in the SAC, and various other sports. 

Parent pick-up is at 4:30 PM, or there will be a late shuttle available. 

The cost is $50 a week, paid monthly. For more information, contact Carol Madden at 706-839-2045 or