Required Summer Reading

2019-20 academic year

Fifth grade

Fifth-grade students will need to read Granted by John Davis Anderson. Students need to be prepared to discuss the book upon the start of the 2019-20 academic year.

Sixth and seventh grade

All sixth- and seventh-grade students will be required to read at least one book over the summer. These ten books are the Junior Tome books for the 2019–20 school year. For the required summer reading, students should select ONE of the following:  

24 Hours in Nowhere, Dusti Bowling
Arlo Finch and the Valley of Fire, John August
City of Ghosts, Victoria Schwab
Lifeboat 12, Susan Hood
Lights, Camera, Disaster, Erin Dionne
The Exact Location of Home, Kate Messner
The Goose Girl, Shannon Hale
The Legend of Greg, Chris Rylander
The Memory of Forgotten Things, Kat Zhang
The Only Road, Alexandra Diaz

*Note: Those students who plan to participate in the Junior Tome Reading Bowl during the 2019–20 school year may wish to use their time over the summer to read more than one of these books. If so, I would recommend writing out a few potential reading bowl questions and answers so that you do not forget the plot lines of the books. We can then use these questions for review before the online tests next year. Questions:

Eighth grade

What do rainy days and long car trips have in common?
Both can provide excellent environments for summer reading!

So, in the next week or two, look into the seven books listed below and choose which one you would like to read. Over the summer, all rising eighth-graders are required to peruse one of these Tome Society It List books and complete the "as you read tasks." 

Arlo Finch in the Valley of Fire, Bowling
Boy protagonist, set in small town, mystery, magic

City of Ghosts, Schwab
Girl protagonist, personal ghost, danger, TV show

Lights, Camera, Disaster, Dionne
8th-grade girl, struggle w/ executive function disorder + anxiety, movies

The Goose Girl, Hale
Betrayed princess, hidden identity, betrothed, hidden talent

The Legend of Greg, Rylander
Boy protagonist, magic, dwarf, adventure, risk, humor

The Memory of Forgotten Things, Zhang
12-year-old girl, magic, memories, secrets, alternate reality

The Only Road, Diaz
12-year-old boy, action, culture, danger, risk, realistic fiction

As you read:

  • “Digest” the novel – understand the details of the story.
  • In what ways did you connect with the story and the characters?
  • Could you tell the story in your own words?
  • Collect unfamiliar vocabulary words you come across this summer both in your book and in daily life.
  • Write up a unique book project idea.

Assignments/activities to expect in class:

  • Book discussions
  • Referencing specific moments from the story
  • Comprehension test through Accelerated Reader
  • Plot analysis activities
  • Creative project and presentation

I am happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the book and will check my inbox several times this summer.
I hope you enjoy whichever book(s) you choose to befriend! I can not wait to hear about your reading experiences!
Happy reading! Questions: