The Tallulah Falls School Fine Arts program strives to provide opportunities for creative development in the visual and performing arts, encouragement of creative expression, events to showcase student work, recognition of excellence, and exploration of contemporary career pathways in the arts.  This is achieved through a variety of classes in culinary arts, drama, music and visual arts. Ever evolving, Tallulah Falls School Fine Arts faculty uses current research and student feedback to improve and grow the program.

Upcoming performances/special events: 

One-Act Competition • October 26
Drama One-Act • November 1-2
Gingerbread House Contest • December 2-6
Christmas Concert • December 18
Cupcake Wars • January 
Lasagne Project • February
Pi[e] Day Celebration • March 11-13
Spring Musical • March 20-21
Spring Concert • March 31
Evening of the Arts • April 23
Fine Arts Banquet • April 30
Chopped Challenge • May 4-8

Evening of the Arts