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Indians of the Week named for week ending September 26


The Indians of the Week are chosen by coaches, and recognize student-athletes that play sports that are currently in season. This week's Indians of the Week (for the week of September 21-26) include Miranda Chapa and Chaz Mullis for high school, and Avery Keim and Josh Lander for middle school. PAST INDIANS OF THE WEEK

Miranda Chapa - Cross Country

HS Girl

Sophomore newcomer Miranda Chapa ran her personal best 5k record on the toughest course of the year - the TFS mountains - to place second in the junior varsity division of the 9th Annual Heroes XC Invite. Miranda is both strong in might and mind. She pursues each practice and competition to do her best, to contribute to the team, and to express a simple joy of expending herself for a worthy cause. Loved and respected by her teammates, Miss Chapa certainly jumped right into the cross country Tribe full force, adding a competitive fire, a balanced approach, and a uniting connection.
-coach Scott Neal


Chaz Mullis - Cross Country

HS Boy

Senior four-year harrier Chaz Mullis ran the difficult home cross country course in a season-best 22:20, placing in the top half of racers at the 9th Annual Heroes XC Invite. As the meet's Team Leader, Chaz helped create an environment to recognize those heroes who impact our lives. His touching introduction, welcoming of other teams, and post-race awards made the day special for each of the teams, creating an honoring atmosphere that was both competitive and collaborative.
-coach Scott Neal


Avery Keim - Cross Country

MS Girl

From the get-go of day one, sixth-grader Avery Keim attacked middle school cross country with grit and collaboration, always smiling through the stresses of running while uplifting teammates. Avery placed fourth at the recent Rabun Gap meet in a personal record time. Her continual improvement results from daily determination to get better, to share the joys of running with others, and to extract the most from the moment. She found a sport that fits her well and she is making the most of every opportunity. 
-coach Scott Neal


Josh Lander - Cross Country

MS Boy

Sixth-grader Josh Lander improved by more than 22 seconds at the Rabun Gap meet while placing twelfth as the #3 TFS runner. Josh continues to work daily to improve, unafraid of the discomforts of running as strong as he can for as long as he can. A very positive teammate, his energy is contagious, his tenacity admirable, and his consistent demeanor appreciated.
-coach Scott Neal

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