International Student Experience

The international student experience at Tallulah Falls School is unique, adventurous, and truly encompasses the concept of a “home away from home.” 


Why is Tallulah Falls School a special place for international students? 

• College preparatory curriculum
• Small class size
• Focus on culture and community 
• Support and encouragement from teachers and counselors
• A wide variety of clubs, activities and trips
• Location – a beautiful and safe place to live, learn, and succeed 


College preparatory curriculum

Tallulah Falls School offers motivated students a college preparatory education from fifth through 12th grade. TFS prepares students for academic achievement and instills leadership skills to be successful in college and beyond.
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Small class size

With a student/faculty ratio of 8:1 and an average class size of 15, there is much that can be achieved in the classroom. Teachers can foster discussions and schedule activities that can only be accomplished with small numbers. Teachers also get to know students on a deeper level and provide one-on-one assistance, if needed. Within these small classes, learning is engaging, relational and impactful. 



Focus on culture and community

At Tallulah Falls School, a focus on combining traditions from across the globe creates a sense of community within many cultures. Tallulah Falls School is a family, and whether you’re an international student from China, Serbia or the Bahamas, we want you to feel that you belong. 


Support and encouragement from teachers and counselors

Our teachers and counselors are here to guide, support and encourage international students in a multitude of ways. Through developing relationships in the classroom, spending one-on-one time with college counselors and hanging out with dorm counselors, international students are constantly supported during the transition to a new environment. They are encouraged to achieve their dreams every step of the way.
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A wide variety of clubs, activities and trips

Tallulah Falls School offers higher-level education, but also offers higher-level fun. With 20 clubs to choose from and nearly 100 activities and trips on the calendar each year, students experience all sorts of unique people and places.
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Location – a beautiful and safe place to live, learn and succeed 

Located in the historic town of Tallulah Falls, nestled in the beautiful Northeast Georgia mountains, Tallulah Falls School is a serene and safe place to live, learn and succeed. Breathtaking mountains, rivers, lakes, trails and the small-town feel makes for incredible scenery, a great outdoor experience and a nurturing local community.
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