• Nana Amankwah
  • Grant Barron
  • Riley Barron
  • Haokun Cheng
  • Cain Chitwood
  • Hanwu Fang
  • Ben Fisher
  • Joe Griswold
  • Ziyu Han
  • Junyi He
  • Eli Higbie
  • Seth Justice
  • Baylee MacBeth
  • Zeke Massee
  • Maik Murenzi
  • Zhiyang Shu
  • Seungwook Shin
  • Zi Wang
  • Wyatt York
  • Justin Yu
  • Songjie Zhou


ELITE 8: 2019-20 (7th) 

ESports History/Records


Casey Barron - Head Coach

Casey Barron is entering his 2nd season as the head coach of Esports at Tallulah Falls School. He is an IT Specialist and has been at Tallulah Falls School since 2015. Tallulah Falls School started the Esports program in the fall of 2019. During the 2019-2020 GHSA Esports season, the program had 30 students competing in League of Legends and Rocket League. Barron was assisted by Josh Brady and Zeke Massee and helped guide the Esports League of Legends team to a 7th place ranking in the state. Both the League of Legends and Rocket League teams had a stellar first year with both making the state playoffs and finishing with an impressive ranking in the state. As Esports continues to grow Coach Barron expects great things from the Tallulah Falls team in the future.