Required Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2021

Tallulah Falls School English scholars strive for excellence to connect local and global perspectives as effective communicators, independent thinkers, capable writers, critical readers, proficient researchers, and conscientious listeners, actively reflecting as they move forward as lifelong learners. As we pursue this end, the upper school English department has selected certain texts for students to read as they transition back into the classroom each fall. Below is the summer reading list by class.

Grade/Class Novel Author
9th Regular & Honors To Kill a Mockingbird Harper Lee
10th Regular Animal Farm George Orwell
10th Honors Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani
11th Regular The Color of Water James McBride
11th Honors The Timekeeper Mitch Albom
12th Regular The Kindness Diaries Leon Logothetis
College English No Summer Reading  

**There is NO Summer Reading assignment for those seniors going into College English 101. See supply list for your first novel reading.

Directions: In order to complete the subsequent in-class activities (projects, writing, or assessment) that go with your assigned novel, be prepared to complete the following:

A. Characters - Who are the main characters? Describe their strengths, their weaknesses, their personalities, and their goals. 

B. Conflict - What is the conflict? How did it arise, and how is it resolved?

C. Theme(s) - Themes are underlying meanings that authors explore through their writing.  Some books have one theme and others have many. Here are a few commonly found themes in literature: courage, perseverance, redemption, coming of age, change vs. tradition, desire to escape, disillusionment, empowerment, and the dangers of ignorance.  Identify a theme found in your novel. How is it displayed in the storyline? Why is it important?

D. Interesting Scene/Action - Choose and describe a particular scene from the book that you found interesting or important to the storyline.  

E. Something Confusing and/or Questions - Write down any questions you have about the story that you would like to discuss or have clarified.


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