Continuous Enrollment



At Tallulah Falls School, we recognize the value in a sustained, long-term partnership with families in the education of their children. A seamless transition from the Middle through Upper School provides a consistent, thorough progression through academic coursework. Because of this philosophy, Tallulah Falls School is pleased to offer a concept in enrollment management called Continuous Enrollment. From the time of admission, your child will be considered enrolled at Tallulah Falls School through their high school graduation. Enrollment contracts are signed in the first year of attendance only.

Continuous Enrollment Contract FAQs

Will my family sign an enrollment contract each year?

A continuous enrollment contract will be signed in the first year of enrollment. For each following year, the student(s) will be considered enrolled, and the family will not need to sign a new contract.

What if my family owes a balance at the end of a school year? 

The Student/Family account will be locked in FACTS, the student information system. Classes may not be scheduled, sports practices/camps may not be attended, and grades/transcripts will not be available. Students will be placed on a “waitlist” until the account is cleared. Once cleared, the student will be reinstated, provided space is available. The business office determines when a student is “not in good standing” financially. Any account not in good standing after June 1st may result in the student’s space being forfeited.

What about students who are not in good academic or behavioral standing? 

These students will be referred to the Light Committee for review to determine what steps need to be taken for the student to remain at Tallulah Falls School. Families will be notified of the committee’s final decision at the end of the academic term.

What if my child will not be returning?

Families must notify admissions in writing by May 1 to cancel their enrollment for the upcoming school year. Families that fail to notify the Admissions Department by May 1 will be liable for their financial obligation in accordance with the terms of the continuous enrollment contract.