Tuition & Fees

At Tallulah Falls School, tuition provides only part of the cost of educating a student. The difference between tuition and total cost is made up through the philanthropic donations of the Lettie Pate Evans Foundation, our endowment, and other annual funds and contributions. Additionally, our need-based financial aid program provides tuition assistance for qualified students.

Tallulah Falls School offers a unique tuition freeze program. While the school's base tuition rate may increase over time, each student's base tuition rate remains fixed and frozen at the point of entry. Additionally, the same base tuition rate is extended to siblings who enroll in the future. However, students who receive financial aid must reapply for assistance annually.

Tuition covers instruction, a laptop, books, laboratory equipment and materials, athletic privileges, most art supplies, music and drama instruction, room & board for boarding students, lunch for day students, and some off-campus activities and trips.

2018-19 Tuition Rates

  • Day Student: $11,100
  • US Resident Boarding Student: $32,000
  • International Boarding Student: $41,500

Mandatory Fees:

The amounts referenced below are the fees for the 2016-17 academic year. For the 2018-19 academic year, please use these amounts for budgeting
purposes only. Final costs for trips and activities are set in early 2018. 

Student activity fee: $100
5th grade trips: approximately $50-$75
6th grade trips: Chattanooga $390, Pigeon Forge $85
7th grade trips: Florida $600, Medieval Times $50
8th grade trip: Georgia Coast $590
9th grade trip: Nantahala Outdoor Center $140
10th grade trip: Charleston $640

11th grade trip: College Tour $285
12th grade: Highlands senior day trip $125

Other Fees:

Day student shuttle: $750
Boarding student shuttle to Indian Trail: $90 round-trip, $45 one-way
Boarding student shuttle to the Atlanta airport: $145 round-trip, $80 one-way